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Alex & Svet

JLONA necklace

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lona graphic and minimalistic adjustable pendant is very comfortable due to its soft rubber "neck cord". Perfect for everyone who's allergic to metal or natural silicone!

Space Oddity line invites you to the journey in the futuristic universe of 68-69's playing with geometry and delicious transparency. Fluorescent versions with magnificent NEON effect will enlighten your face or dress and add a retro touch.

All Acrylic elements are hand-polished with a special attention to every single detail. Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted in our studio in Paris, France.

  • Material: high-quality Fluorescent Acrylic matt finish soft-touch rubber
  • Dimensions: Pendant 8,5 x 10 cm / 3 ⅓'' - 4''
  • Cord length: 120 cm / 47'' maxi (adjustable)
  • Helpful Tips: This pendant has a smart concept to adjust its length.