Lisette L – “As Seen In”

Star-Studded Lounge


Monica Potter is not only a movie star but super chic in her fashion-forward Hollywood studded legging, with Lisette L’s distinctive no pocket, no zipper design firms and flatters gives that WOW FACTOR from day to night. Monica Potter knows how to make lounging look good and it doesn’t get any better when you’re as comfortable as you are fashionable.

Breakfast Television Montreal & Lisette

Joanne Vrakas not only interviewed Lisette, but she tried on the pants herself and fell in love! Three styles were featured in this segment. Style 778: Below the knee crop – this style minimizes your hips, abs and gives you a smooth streamlined look. Hitting just below the knee, they have stretch and give, giving you a great shape in comfort all day. Next up – none other than style 872, this is one of their most featured styles in editorial given their trendy color block pattern. And last up, a classy and comfy skirt, all with built in control. Sit back, watch the video, and learn a little more about the wonder of Lisette L pants! Proudly made in Montreal.

Ladies’ Home Journal Tells It Like It Is!


Ladies’ Home Journal engages women with relevant conversations about health and relationships; beauty and style; food and finance. Their unique blend of expert advice and socially-generated content entertains, energizes and empowers the reader to become a stronger, surer self, wife, mother and friend – so when they feature Lisette L pants, you know that they mean business! Featured are none other than the trendiest pants around. Style 872 is perfect for Spring and Summer. They hit the ankle at the perfect spot and keep you right on trend with their color block pattern.

Citizens of Fashion


Janet Wilson of the Ottawa Citizen learned all about Lisette L, her brand and her team! “Talk about a ringing endorsement. When one of the most famous people on the planet wears your pants not once but several times, you’ve got to know that business will be brisk. Looking chic and sporty, Oprah Winfrey has graced two covers (October 2013 and March 2014), as well as several inside pages of O, The Oprah Magazine, rocking pants designed by Lisette Limoges and her husband Neil Small. The Montreal-based company known as Lisette L is operated by Limoges, her husband, son David and daughter Kathryne (based in Toronto), and a team of employees.”

O, Oprah – We Love You Too!


Oprah Winfrey, lover of all things amazing, has fallen hard for the latest trend in women’s fashion – Lisette L pants! O, The Oprah Magazine’s creative director, Adam Glassman has forever changed Oprah’s wardrobe by passing along these life-changing pants. Here she is on the cover of the March edition of O, The Oprah Magazine, wearing style 801 in beige and making a fashion statement with those metallic sneaker wedges and coral blazer. The headline reads De-Clutter Your Life, and that’s exactly what the Lisette L pant will do. You won’t need any other pants in your life and they will definitely de-clutter your look because they Fit to Flatter. Who knows better than Oprah Winfrey? Stay fashionable, de-clutter your closet and flatter yourself with Lisette L Pants.

Lisette L Gets More Loving From More Magazine


Talk about the outfit of the day! More Magazine gives credit where credit is due with this feature on style 872. Blocking color not only gives you a fashion forward and trendy look, but pair the color block trend with Lisette L Pants and you have a winning combination. The fit is so flattering that you’ll look and feel like a fashionable vixen. What makes this so wearable? You can pair it with a plain black blouse, a pair of pumps, and you’re ready for a fashionable night out. Lisette L is always on trend and this statement pant is a wardrobe essential. And we quote More Magazine “Best. Pant. Ever.” Yes, they definitely are and we just want to share them with you, so go on, try them for yourself and join More Magazine editors – they know a thing or two about fashion!

Good Housekeeping and Good Fashion Sense


Good Housekeeping Magazine has the best recipe for fashion with this feature on the Lisette L pant. The patterned pant is a wardrobe essential and Lisette L makes it super easy to bring your outfit to the next level. The black and white medallion pattern is perfect to take you from day to night. Wear them to work and be the most fashionable one at the office then throw on a pair of pumps and statement necklace and you’re ready to meet your girls for drinks. Stay on trend with Lisette L’s fashion forward yet classy patterned ankle pant. You’ve got housekeeping under control – now let your fashion sense take over and let Lisette L guide you into the most flattering pants you’ll ever wear.

What’s more? Fashion director of Good Housekeeping, Jasmine H Chang, had a little something to say about Lisette L pants.

“I am crazy for these pants! So many people have told me I lost weight… lucky for them I confess it’s all about my Lisette L pants. My favorite is the slim cut. I am so excited these pants are a part of my life now.”

Tulipe Noire Boutique: Love at First Fit

Fashionable, sexy, slimming, comfortable – and yes, they made her feel 20 pounds lighter! There is no doubt that these pants are the only pants you’ll ever need. You can look fashionable with all the styles and patterns that Lisette L has to offer. These pants are designed with sexy built right in. They will slim you down with their Flaterie Fit technology all the while you will feel as comfortable as ever. These pants were made for walking, so walk with confidence and feel fabulously fashionable in your Lisette L pants.

Thank you, Oprah!

Lisette Limoges, designer of Lisette L pants, has been around for about 10 years. Lisette wanted to design pants that can be worn at home, to work and for a night out. Something versatile, sexy, slimming while still being comfortable seems unimaginable to most women who struggle everyday trying to decide what to wear. Lisette Limoges came up with the answer and the answer is in the pants. They are the only pair of pants you’ll ever need. They will control all the right areas and they will make you feel like the woman you are. This staple pant will not go out of style, it will not fade, and it will be with you through it all!

Marie Claire and Lisette L: Two Household Names


This January, 2014 edition of Marie Claire magazine is titled the CHANGE YOUR LIFE ISSUE. It’s fitting to flip through and find the trendiest most flattering pants around, and they will actually change your life, slim you down and transform your wardrobe. With the comfort of a legging and the sophistication of pants, you can’t go wrong. Add the color block trend to the mix and you’re all set to walk your daily fashion runway. Marie Claire magazine has amazing advice on everything that matters to women, fashion being at the top of the list. Once you wear these pants there’s no turning back, but you will be turning heads. Pick up your copy of Marie Claire magazine today and your favorite pair of Lisette L pants and let the transformation begin.

Lisette L Takes a Tour of Montreal

These pants are getting rave reviews from women like Oprah Winfrey, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Cheryl Hickey! They all fell in love at first fit and there’s no turning back. Once you get into a pair of these perfectly designed pants you will never want to get out of them! Run errands, go to dinner, take them on vacation – the list is endless! From studs, to leather side panels, to color blocking, you’ll find all the latest trends in Lisette L pants. Not only will you be trendy, you’ll be comfortable. Whoever said that fashion can’t be comfortable never got into a pair of Lisette L pants.

The Essence of Fashion: Lisette L Pants


Essence Magazine Rocks Lisette L Studded Pants and makes them look as fabulous as ever. Styled with a denim jacket and camo knit sweater – these pants can do no wrong. This fashion-forward Hollywood studded legging with Lisette L’s distinctive no pocket, no zipper design firms and flatters gives that WOW FACTOR from day to night. Street style chic takes on a whole new meaning when Lisette L is involved. Stay comfortable, look slimmer and be absolutely fashionable when doing it! Reinvent your wardrobe by adding Lisette L classics and fashion pieces to it – once you have a pair, you’ll want to own every color and pattern so that you’re always fashionably chic.

ELLE – A Fashionable Relationship


ELLE is the number one fashion magazine in the world and celebrates women from head to toe. Lisette L pants made an appearance in the January 2014 edition of Elle magazine, and they are none other than the fashion-forward Hollywood studded legging – which can be worn with an ankle bootie for the rock star look, or with a strappy heel for the sexy look. Either way you will feel fashionably slim with Lisette L’s Flaterie Fit technology. With these pants you’ll feel like you’re in control of your wardrobe and your look. No matter what style or color, these pants will slim your look and will hide your imperfections.

Kathie Lee + Hoda + Lisette L = BFFs

This encore love for Lisette L came after Kathie Lee Gifford fell head over heels for Lisette L pants and introduced them as one of her favorite things. Hoda Kotb then jumped on board in her Lisette L pants and swears by them as comfortable, slimming and as pants you will live in. The slimming fit and the way they control your trouble spots are what sets them apart from any other pant you’ll ever wear. Wear them from day to night, casual to chic and you’ll never need another pair of pants. Heels, flats, sling back strappy sandals, sneaker wedges, moccasins – you can wear any type of shoe with these pants and still feel comfortable and chic.